Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cayuse - Walla Walla

This weekend Cayuse's customers and guests travel to Walla Walla to pick up some of the most highly allocated Syrahs in the US. The waiting list is hundreds deep, the wines tend to be the highest rated US Syrahs in the wine pubs... and in the current economy, at 96pt wine selling for $45 seems a bit like a bargain. (yeah, compared with +$150 Rhone wines that's a bargain)

Other Walla Walla wineries also schedule some special events, and the tasting rooms tend to be pretty packed starting around noon on Friday. All the hotels in and around Walla Walla are overbooked, and many people just fly in for the day. Me - I have soccer games to watch or coach Saturday, so I'm making the drive with neighbors to taste, pick up, and then run a chunk of the cases back to the Seattle area at the end of the day. Hey, at least gas is back to less than $3!

Many of the Walla Walla wineries will be releasing 2005 red's - GREAT news considering the 2004 Walla Walla drop was nearly non-existent. Only a handful of Walla Walla wineries used fruit from the AVA - most had to use fruit from Columbia, which isn't a horrible thing, but different. I'm planning to stop in at least at Seven Hills, L'Ecole No 41, Dunham, and Woodward. With the +4 hour drive home it'll be mostly spitting tasting. Tasting thoughts/notes coming later.

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